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The Donald Walter Holleder story is so profoundly uplifting and this book is so well written that I hope it will be read by millions of young people who are looking for a positive role model. Holly was a first team All American football player who played for the Black Knights of West Point during the 1950s. During his senior year, his coach, Red Blaik, switched him from end to quarterback, a position he had never played. Any chance that Holleder could have been a two-time All American and candidate for the Heisman Trophy was lost. Holleder won the Swede Nelson award--the highest award for sportsmanship in college football---at the end of his senior year. The key sports moment took place at the Army Navy football game in 1955--happily that is how the book commences. Holleder's story of service to country, service above self and courage under fire ends tragically with his death in combat in Vietnam in 1967. I was Holly's roommate at West Point and best man in his wedding. For more than forty years I had hoped that his story would be told and told well. Terry Tibbetts deserves great credit for spending more than three years of his life to meet that very high standard. One final point. Towards the end of the book, Tibbetts tells how West Point classmate Leroy Suddath worked so hard to get the Army to upgrade Holly's Silver Star to a Distinguished Service Cross. Four times Suddath was officially turned down. Yet he persisted. When the book was published the issue was still in doubt. Happily, in April, 2011, the Department of the Army finally approved this richly deserved upgrade.

--- Perry M. Smith, Don Holleder's West Point roommate for three years, veteran of 180 aerial combat missions over Vietnam, and author of Rules and Tools for Leaders, Assignment Pentagon, Taking Charge, A Practical Guide for Leaders, Creating Strategic Vision, and A Hero Among Heroes: Jimmy Dyess

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