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In an era when reality television and technology consumes us, when reading is a pop up on a screen or an e-book download it is refreshing to hold a hardcover in your hands and to read a story that speaks of reality, of heroism, of inspiration, and of leadership. Terry Tibbetts writes of the life and loss of Don Holleder, a man, admittedly, whose history I did not know. The book delivers extensive detail and facts as it weaves the life story of Holleder and his eventual demise in Vietnam. In the tenth chapter, the Battle of Ong Thanh takes place, the battle in which Major Holleder was killed. I found myself swept up in the writing knowing he would be lost but wanting fiercely to change his destiny, wanting to tell him not to go into the jungle, that certain death awaited. Kudos to Tibbetts for capturing the moment with perfect timing allowing this reader the opportunity to walk beside Don Holleder for a little while, and know the man that sacrificed himself for his men, for his country and for all of us.

--- Linda Merlino, author of Swan Boat Souvenir and Belly of the Whale
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Your writing is excellent, and I really could not put it down. It was especially super per the West Point days (since I had seven years at the Academy). Thank you, Terry, for your magnificent portrayal of a wonderful young man whom we will never forget.

--- Paul Dietzel, former assistant football coach at Army, head coach at Louisiana State University (coaching an unbeaten national championship season in 1957), Army, and the University of South Carolina, and author of Call Me Coach: A Life in College Football
A Spartan Game is a biography of an American hero, a story that is rapid, enjoyable,
and enlightening to read by an author who compliments the craft of writing by welding details with facts, by the union of military records with oral history, and culminating with a researcher's greatest asset-a profound search for the truth. Mr. Tibbetts' professionalism is exemplified by his definitive exposure of the ambush at Ong Thanh. For a parent with a teenager, I shout, "Read it first. Then pass it on to a young mind."

--- George Bryant, Don's best friend growing up in Rochester, NY