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I was fortunate to know Don Holleder during his short life. Don was a fine athlete, soldier, and human being. His life was much too short, yet filled with excitement, accomplishment, triumph and tragedy. Terry Tibbetts has captured all of these traits and emotions in this fine book. Starting with Don's formative years, continuing through his triumphs at West Point, in both cadet life and on the football field, and ending with his tragic death on the Viet Nam battlefield, Tibbetts tells the story in a factual, sensitive, detailed manner. This book is great reading for the teenager who is beginning a sports experience. It focuses on the skills of leadership and camaraderie that can be gained in the sports arena. It is also great reading for those who remember the great Army football teams coached by Col. Red Blaik in the 1940's and 50's which were of championship caliber and manned by players the likes of Don Holleder.

--- C. William Zadel, was recruited by Don Holleder to attend West Point

You have done a superb job. It is a very complicated story, full of excellent detail and attacking the complicated subjects-the personalities involved, the military factors, football, and the details of both the battle and the aftermath. The cover and the overall layout and chapters are great.

--- Brigadier General (USA Ret.) James Shelton author of The Beast Was Out There, the 28th Infantry Black Lions and the Battle of Ong Thanh, October, 1967
This is the story of a man who selflessly gave to Army football, to his teammates and to his soldiers and Country in the jungles of Vietnam. It is a book you will want to get into high school and college athletic departments. The young athletes of today who want to be leaders need to know this story.

--- Ransom Jerome Amlong, Don's best friend at West Point

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