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I enjoyed it. Thank you. Well done. You are the first person who has ever asked me about and told my side of the quarterback controversy on the Army team of 1955.

--- Russ Mericle, who lost the starting quarterback job to Don in 1955

This book is a must read for everyone! This is a well told story that includes, sports, family, love of country and military dedication. I had not heard of Don Holleder and I never entertained the idea of reading a book with military content. I am pleased to say that the book was so well written that both the military aspects and the athletic portions of the book were equally fascinating. I am an avid football fan and took a special interest in reading about Don and his football career, but in addition, learned a great deal about the football programs at both at Aquinas and West Point. I also appreciated the highlights of the coaching years of the very famous, Red Blaik and the 1955 West Point season with Army's victory over Navy that year. In this book, Don's story continued into his military career and included a detailed portrayal of Don's role in the Battle of Ong Thanh and the overall impact this battle had in the Vietnam War. Tibbetts' detailed description of this amazing man's life preserves very important values that we should all continue to strive for today; leadership, hard work, and perseverance. Through this book, one will be reminded, as Don was, to be a dedicated friend, a loving parent, and a loyal and proud American. Hopefully all will enjoy reading this inspiring story as much as I did.

--- Marcie Weber, sports enthusiast
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