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From Paul Levy:
A very carefully documented biography… Beyond its biographical interest, the book also has historical significance. At the Battle of Ong Thanh, highly competent U.S. troops were ambushed and suffered extreme casualties, the result of poor strategic decision-making. For a long time, however, this truth was covered up by [the military]. The deception was an early example of an increasing practice that unnecessarily prolonged the war and eventually provoked the adamant outcries against it. Tibbetts’ research has resulted in the most thorough and accurate account of the battle to date. A very enjoyable and worthwhile book.

From Christian M.:
By including authentic quotes from historic news articles and citations by eye-witnesses, the author brings Holleder's history back to life. His great understanding and passion for the grand game of football is evident in this book and profoundly contributes to the thrill of the depictions of Don Holleder's most important football games. A great joy for every football fan! The author's dedication to detail ensures that the book transcends a mere sports journalist's account of the story, however. Don's achievements in military service and his heroic sacrifice in the Vietnam War are vividly reported. The balanced account and the captivating writing style render the biography a great read; not only for football fanatics and young service man and women but for everyone interested in the inspiring story of an almost forgotten role model. Thumbs up for this book. Highly recommendable!

From Bettilou Fielding:
I am exhausted just imagining the author's countless hours of research, reading, interviewing, validating and then composing the story in a logical, chronological presentation. The author’s desire to present a factual and compelling story came through, well done.